So you are planning a trip to Costa Rica? Researching the county, area you are staying in, and what you will do when you arrive is a great idea. Knowing as much as you can from people who have traveled there will help make for a fantastic vacation. Our goal is to give you some tips on getting the best deals on activities, flights, and hotels.

Activities Abound!

“Do not book a hotel in Costa Rica until you compare the cost on the Vortex! Become a free member (click here) and compare the pricing on hotels. Far cheaper than Expedia or TripAdvisor after taxes. We saved about $40 per night on a 10 day trip. Spent the savings on souvenirs for family and friends.”

Paul Johnson

Paying for surf Lessons

We were amazed at how many activities were available at huge price differences. Some surfing schools charged $80 per person and others charged $35. As a family of 5 it could get expensive.

Erin Hunnewell

Renting Cars or Quads

“Our family spent a month in Playa Largatillo in the off season. We found many deals on car rentals from locals that would have cost a fortune with the car rental agencies. I was quoted $68 per day with indsurance from Alamo out of Tamarindo or $2000 for the month. We found a local that charged us $500 for the month! And it was a decent 4×4.”

Eric Vreeken